Robin Ruth, MA
Doctoral Candidate in clinical psychology
Supervised by psychologist Anne Ingham, PsyD, #PSY27362


Robin Ruth - Natural Light Photographer in San Francisco and San Jose

I am a warm, compassionate therapist who specializes in treating:

  • Eating disorders
  • Body image
  • Self esteem and identity issues
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety
  • Cancer related distress
  • Consulting for parents of children with eating disorders
  • End of life considerations
  • Mid life crossroads

I have experience working at the residential and outpatient level for eating disorders, and regularly consult with a dietitian, medical doctor, and psychiatrist with eating disorder related issues. I have developed my own form of therapy, which I call Ecofemography, that combines several therapeutic modalities while using self portraits as a catalyst for reflection and improving self identity issues. My therapeutic approach is integrated, combining:

  • Depth psychology
  • IFS therapy (Internal Family Systems)
  • Attachment theory
  • PhotoTherapy
  • Exposure and response methods
  • CBT skills
  • Women's spirituality

Combined, these methods are most helpful in the treatment of trauma and other psychological difficulties. Both IFS and Depth Psychology address human suffering by focusing on the repressed parts of ourselves, and finding transformation through the integration of these parts with our conscious mind. They also allow for making sense of cultural influences that affect our psyche and help form our internal belief systems. PhotoTherapy utilizes the use of visuals, namely photographs, in recalling and integrating parts of ourselves and our relationships that have immense importance in our life. Exposure and Response Therapy, mixed with CBT, is a powerful way to consciously change our self destructive thoughts and behaviors.