"I know that I am one with beauty and that my comrades are one.
Let our souls be mountains, let our spirits be stars,
Let our hearts be worlds."

~Ansel Adams


Ecofemography, a term developed by Robin Ruth, blends Ecopsychology and Feminism, while using a camera to record, communicate and celebrate the experiences women have physically, mentally and spiritually while being photographed in nature.
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It was love of nature that first drew me to being a natural light photographer, and, with the exception of having a studio for two years I have steadfastly maintained this affection for over 20 years. Having the sun provide the lighting—in all its many shades and moods—results in portraits that look familiar to us. Being outdoors makes people more relaxed as they reflect on the peaceful environment surrounding them, producing portraits reflecting this altered state of consciousness.


Why Photographing Women in Nature Improves Their Sense of Well-Being

My experience of photographing women in nature has allowed me to understand how being in and connecting with nature impacts our sense of well-being. While witnessing poor body image so prevalent amongst my women clients over the past 20 years, I began integrating the process of Femography into my work as a means to initiating dialogues that enabled women to share their body image stories. I began asking women about their experiences of being photographed in nature and realized how much more accepting they were of their bodies while in the non-judgmental space of the wilderness. Could society's shift away from honoring the earth's life cycles and diverse natural beauty be somehow contributing to women's shame of their naturally diverse bodies and cycles? Would reconnecting with nature and acknowledging their true spiritual source help women accept their own bodies and enhance their images?

I soon realized the need for a supplement to Femography that would incorporate the healing energies found in nature, and so developed Ecofemography to explain how a woman can learn to connect to her inner voice and inherent wisdom while being photographed in nature. Ecofemography is the blending of Ecopsychology, Feminism, and the camera which records, communicates and celebrates the experiences that women have physically, mentally and spiritually while being photographed in nature.


Ecofemography Video

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